Mandarin Puree

Product Description

Mandarin 100% Source Sicily, Italy Not to be confused with the clementine, the mandarin, slightly more acidic, has a juicier and more fragrant flesh. In perfumes, the essence of mandarin is one of the citrus notes, and brings a fresh and invigorating touch. All the countries of the Mediterranean basin grow mandarins, but it is in Sicily that Ponthier has decided to source this fruit. This is because one of the best qualities of mandarin is grown here, respecting local traditions. These sun-drenched fruits have a particularly tasty flesh, a powerful aroma, a bright colour, balanced acidity and a slight bitterness. Thanks to these many qualities, the mandarins of Sicily have been selected to illustrate the projects of the Slow Food foundation, devoted to biodiversity.
Net weight : 1 Kg
Unit : 1 x 6



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