Boursault Vache

Product Description

Boursaultฎ (pronounced Boor-soh) is a unique, soft ripened, triple -cream cheese, produced in the Loire Valley of France. Named in the 1950's after its inventor Henri Boursault, it is still one of the most popular triple-creams today, due to its ultra creamy texture, and rich flavors. Boursault is one of the most versatile cheeses: it can be used in any recipe calling for Brie or Camembert, and it is also and excellent dessert cheese; try pairing it with grapes or pears for a savory finale. Light, fruity wines like Vouvray are a prefect choice to enjoy with Boursault, but sparkling white wines and champagnes are also excellent with it.   An off-white, cylindrical shaped cheese made from cow's milk, Boursault is renowned for its soft consistency, similar to that of a very thick sour cream. It is rich in fat content, (70 to 75 percent), hence the triple cream designation; but remember, fat equals flavor! The cheese has a slightly acidic citrus tang that nicely balances out the richness of the cream. Its thin, edible rind offers a very agreeable smell of mushrooms and a nutty finish. The affinage of Boursault takes about two months, then it further matures in its packaging for up to a month. Boursault is offered for sale as cylinders with a light white/pinkish penicillin mould, similar to that of Camembert.
Net weight : 125 g
Unit : 1 x 6



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