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The southwest of France is the birthplace of the unique Chaumesฎ (pronounced Shohm) meaning literally "stubble". Made of cow's milk, its creation was inspired by the traditional Trappist style cheeses. Beneath the distinctive golden rind lies the pale mellow creamy paste with a rich full-bodied flavor. It is a very popular cheese among modern French varieties. Chaumes brings a warm color and diversity to any cheese platter, it is a favorite for children's snacks and delicious with crusty breads.   Chaumes is a round, soft-ripened cheese with a bright orange washed rind and an ivory paste. The rind appears after several washings of the crust, along with brushing with some ferments. Chaumes is distinguished by soft, springy texture a rich, creamy paste and a hazelnut aftertaste. An excellent table cheese, it also melts well for a nice addition to any recipe. Serve Chaumes on a cheese platter with Camembert and Blue Stilton or with Brie and Roquefort. Ale, sparkling apple cider and dry whites are good pairings for Chaumes.
Net weight : 200 g
Unit : 1 x 8



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