Grana Padano DOP wheel 16 months(36kgs)

Product Description

GRANA PADANO DOP MIN. * (16 months) Grana Padano is the most popular DOP Italian hard cheese. The name “Grana” was bestowed upon the cheese because of its ”grainy” consistency. It is produced all year round and the quality can vary seasonally due to the different way of feeding cow’s and the consequently different milk. Its production area includes five regions and 32 provinces in the Po valley of Northern Italy. It is made using raw milk from two milking drawn on the same day and partially skimmed. The rind is hard, smooth, thick and dark yellow and it must bear the Consortium brand. The body is straw yellow, finely granular, with a strong yet delicate and never sharp flavor. Grana Padano is a sweet and savory cheese that may be used as a table cheese or for grating
Net weight : wheel ca. 37 kg
Unit : 16 months



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