Pecorino Antico Mugello 2x2kgs (EAV)

Product Description

Semi-seasoned with a maturing time ed of 60 equilibrati.days. The crust (red) is dyed with a tint Pecorino that aged contains over six concentrate months. of Producetomato.d with With a selected compact sheep’paste, s milk, crackling, it shows tasty a andhard and with a glossy classic crust, and as it delicate is pergreased fume. Cheese from pure sheep’s milk aged about two months. The crust is red, treated with concentrate of tomato. The partially cooked paste has a slightly straw-colour. The taste, slightly piquanti, is due to particular enzymes present in the milk and to the length of the maturing time
Net weight : wheel - ca. 2 kg
Unit : min. 60 days



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