Pecorino Romano DOP 20-25kgs

Product Description

Pecorino Romano wheels: A cooked, hard cheese obtained from whole sheep’s milk that is made in Sardinia and Lazio. It has a thin crust of an ivory or natural straw-yellow colour, sometimes capped in black. The texture of this white cheese is firm, friable and crisp or slightly holed. There is a minimum of 5 months maturation for the table cheese and 8 months for the grating cheese. This table cheese is aromatic, tasty and slightly sharp tasting; the grating type is sharp and intense tasting. Ingredients: thermised sheep's milk, salt , rennet. Aging: 5 months – 8 months Texture: firm, friable and crisp or slightly holed Taste: aromatic, tasty and slightly sharp Weight: 20-35 kg Suggestions: It is recommended that it be served alone with bread or accompanied by cooked vegetables, fava beans or salads. An ideal cheese for grating, it’s a fundamental ingredient in the most famous pasta dishes of Lazio cuisine: Pasta Carbonara and Amatriciana. The less matured cheese pairs nicely with medium-bodied white wines; the more matured variety pairs well with full-bodied red wines.
Net weight : wheel-ca. 20 / 25 kg
Unit : 6/8 months



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