Prosciutto Toscano Disossato 2 x 7-8 kg

Product Description

PDO Tuscan Ham (Prosciutto toscano DOP) is an uncooked ham that has been produced for hundreds of years throughout the whole region. The raw material is made up of pigs born, reared, fattened and slaughtered not only in Tuscany but also in five other regions of central and northern Italy. Characterized by its distinctive rounded shape and arched at the top, the PDO Tuscan Ham undergoes an aging process of about 14/16 months, after which the pulp takes on a color ranging from bright red to light red, with a low amount of fat, which is white with slight pinkish veins. Typical Tuscan products, such as sea salt, black pepper, garlic and juniper berries, are all added to the ham, giving it an intense aroma and a spicy flavor, enhanced by its particular firm but not excessive taste. The ham is soft to the touch, even though it maintains a certain compactness.
Net weight : 7-8 Kg
Unit : Kg


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