Rambol Cremeux F Herbes

Product Description

“Rambolitain”, a savoury mixture of cheese and nuts, was invented in the 1960s at “la Ferme des Bordes”, a creamery in Rambouillet’s town centre. Given its success, ''Rambolitain’ required new production premises. It was in October 1969 that Mr and Mrs Aumont (daughter of the dairyman in Rambouillet) transferred activity to Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines. A few months later, the current plant was built there. In 1970, the Rambol company was born. ‘Rambol with Nuts’, its first decorated cheese was launched commercially in the same year. Rambol is the surprising combination of cheese and nuts. This soft and creamy cheese is sprinkled with finely chopped walnuts that give a crunchy and slightly woody taste. The Rambol walnuts come from Dordogne, a region known for the quality of its nuts. There are different types of Rambol to satisfy every palate: Filled, coated or even creamy With pepper, herbs or salmon Rambol has become a specialist in soft cheeses and in particular a key part of gatherings with family or friends. From shapes to decorations, to tastes or textures, these delicious and gourmet cheeses will surely surprise you.
Net weight : 1.8 Kg
Unit : 1 x 2



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