Sundried Tomato In Ev.Olive Oil 500 g

Product Description

“I DONI DELL’ULIVO”- VEGETABLES I doni dell’olivo are made with the freshest vegetables kept in Colavita’s extra virgin olive oil.   The delicate artichokes, fresh asparagus, fleshy eggplants, sun dried  tomatoes, fragrant peppers and appetising mushrooms are full of taste and presented in small and big elegant jars, hermetically closed with  “ twist-off caps” which protects the aroma of the fresh vegetables. All products are all carefully prepared by hand using only top quality vegetables, the choicest ingredients and pure extra virgin olive oil, according to the Italian traditional recipes. Of course, the extra virgin olive oil Colavita used to preserve the vegetables, is produced exclusively from olives harvested and pressed in Italy, according to the Certification of quality  Authentic Product.   I doni dell’olivo are not only good as aperitif, but a real side dish ready to use. The line offers also Pate’ and Pesto alla Genovese, recommended for pasta, bruschetta and different dishes.   Colavita “ I doni dell’olivo” are a pleasant surprise and an appetising food, delicious for the lovers of the inimitable tastes. CODE C42-1 : SUNDRIED TOMATO IN EV.OLIVE OIL 500 GR.  CODE C59-1 : ARTICHOKE HEART IN EV.OLIVE OIL 500 GR.  CODE C64-1:  ARTICHOKE COUNTRY IN EV.OLIVE OIL 500 GR  
Net weight : 500 g
Unit : Jar



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